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The Harmonyum Healing System™ is an authentic and sophisticated hands on holistic treatment that addresses the relationship between the body and the mind. When there is an imbalance in emotional or mental patterns, physical imbalance often follows. Harmonyum is a divine healing system that addresses the unseen root of physical problems by activating the self healing capacity of the body.

Researched and developed by Dr Joseph Michael Levry, with the aim of making self healing possible, Harmonyum targets the entire neurological system, balancing both sides of the nervous system. By taking us into a deep and intense state of relaxation, activating the ‘rest and digest’ zone, our bodies’ innate self healing mechanism is stimulated, and dramatic and powerful healing can begin at root level

A 45 minute, hands on treatment using light touch and specific movements working directly on the spine, the Harmonyum Healing System™ initiates the process of regeneration activating emotional, mental and physical healing within the body.

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