Graduating with International CIDESCO, CIBTAC and ITEC diplomas in skin therapy, massage and aromatherapy, Jessica spent the majority of her adult life working in, and establishing, some of the most highly regarded day and destination spas in London, Europe and Australia. During that time, studying for a City and Guilds Diploma in Teaching, enabled her to move into training for skin care colleges and product houses throughout the UK. After more than a decade of hands on treatments, therapies and education, Jessica transitioned into sales and marketing before moving to Los Angeles where she was introduced to the Harmonyum Healing System as a client. After achieving incredible personal results with health issues that had been non-responsive to years of  traditional treatment, Jessica became a certified practitioner to enable her to share this system and the undeniable benefits she had witnessed personally, with others. 

Self Care is a discipline, not an indulgence

In order to create our best physical bodies it takes commitment, discipline and dedication. To achieve the six pack, to shed a few pounds or to improve our overall physical stamina, we have to sign up for, and stick to, a gym practice and program which will address our needs and allow us to attain, and then maintain, the results. 

In the same way we need a program and a regime for our physical health, we must acknowledge that we need a program and a regime for our emotional and mental health. In order to create the strongest, healthiest version of ourselves, we must apply that same commitment, dedication and discipline to our emotional and mental bodies. 

Self care is a discipline, not something we do when our world turns upside down. Self care is something we must do every day, every week. Month in and month out. 

When we commit to a Harmonyum program, we 

are committing to working on, and strengthening, 

our emotional and mental health and wellness. 

Without a combination of physical and emotional health, 

we cannot create complete balance in our lives. 

Committing to a Harmonyum program is a commitment to

 our self care. We are making a conscious commitment

 to our health and wellness. 


I specialize in helping people dealing with burnout, self sabotaging patterns, addictions and grief so they can heal at an intense level. By committing to a comprehensive and  individually curated 8 - 12  week program, my clients are able to kick start that process producing profound and highly effective results. 

Harmonyum takes healing to the next level. Working on the para-sympathetic nervous system it activates and supports the body's capacity to renew and heal itself.  By recalibrating and restoring the health of the nervous system, we are addressing trauma at root level.

I work with a diverse range of clients: actors, athletes, business execs and entrepreneurs, through to students and parents, each with their own story. 

Every trauma, every client, every level of pain is different yet every goal is the same: improved drive, clarity, focus and peace in all aspects of their businesses and lives.

I believe wholeheartedly, from my own personal experience and the results I have seen on my clients, that in today's modern world, now more than ever, a Harmonyum program is not a luxury but  an absolute necessity"