The Harmonyum Healing System 

is a restorative and regenerative treatment which focuses on recalibrating  the nervous system. Using precise and gentle movements on the spine, the para-sympathetic nervous system is activated, responsible for promoting repair and relaxation.

These specific movements allow the body’s innate self-healing process to begin by sending healing messages to the source of the nervous system, heart and brain. 

Harmonyum promotes profound states of deep relaxation during which intense healing occurs and restores the body to an ideal state of balance and harmony.

Harmonyum is a non invasive, hands on treatment suitable for both adults and children. 

The Harmonyum Healing System is used in private practices, wellness centers and effectively in addiction recovery facilities. It is being embraced by doctors more than ever because of its ability to facilitate change at the root level.


Dr. Joseph Michael Levry is the founder of the Harmonyum Healing System,  the psychotherapeutic application of Divine Spiritual Wisdom, also known as 

‘Bio-Metaphysical Medicine’.  

It is a transcendental healing system which  addresses the innate relationship of the body and the mind. When there is an imbalance in the emotional or mental patterns, physical imbalance often follows.

 Harmonyum addresses the unseen root of physical problems, awakening the self-healing capacity within an individual. Harmonyum can help one give up addictions by addressing the underlying roots of emotional and mental imbalances.

As Dr Christina Pabers PhD, L.Ac states in a treatise on the Harmonyum Healing System, 

“Harmonyum employs the ancient art of utilizing the acupuncture meridians via the body’s electromagnetic field.

The metaphysical medicine of Harmonyum which supports the brain and neuroendocrine system is one of the historical and outstanding contributions Dr. Levry has made to society.”


The primary goal of a Harmonyum Healing Treatment is to activate the self-healing mechanism of the body.

Profound results occur in cases of addiction, anxiety, stress, 

 ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), depression, insomnia, jet lag, hormone imbalances, learning difficulties, fertility issues, heart disease and immune system challenges.

By strengthening and balancing the autonomic nervous system, Harmonyum promotes the body’s capacity to heal itself and slow the aging process.

Benefits of Harmonyum Healing

  • Unparalleled deep rest and inner peace (rejuvenating)
  • Superior health (revitalizing)
  • Building of stamina (energizing)
  • Increased mental and physical performance
  • Accelerated recovery (long work week, jet lag, injuries, illnesses, heartbreak, nervous system/stress, fatigue)
  • Recalibration of body and mind while bringing emotional balance

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