“Jessica to me is an angel. She is a powerful, gifted and loving person and it is clear how much she cares for the people she works with. My time spent working with her has been beyond anything I can explain, she has helped me to improve my life on so many levels. 

I suffered an immense emotional trauma through the loss of my sister, and I wasn’t functioning normally. It has only been three months that I started my Harmonyum Healing treatments with her and she has turned out to be a treasure to me! 

Her treatments have had a profound effect on my heart, soul, and life. She makes me feel better every session. I can feel the the healing very intensely and the results are immediate. We are still working together and every time I’m with her I feel the power of her healing hands, she has the most beautiful and strong energy, and she puts all her heart into it. 

There are no words to describe how much I respect her and how much relief her Harmonyum treatments have been to me. 

I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve the quality of their lives whether you are going through a challenging time, an illness or just want to find balance, you can still benefit from what she does. She is so loving, kind, and honest, she is the best! 

It can only get better from here. I love you Jessica, thank you for being so devoted to my healing, and for everything that you have done for me!”

Vanessa Villela – Actress

“Jessica introduced me to one of the most relaxing healing practices I have tried. I was aware of the chakras and energy centers in our spine, however was unaware of how much trauma and memories we hold in our spine. Having her explain the benefits of moving the energy and releasing stale beliefs made so much sense. The process itself is extremely relaxing and feels like you’ve had an hour long massage even though there is barely any touch during the session. It’s more about moving the energy. At various points during our sessions I could feel blocked energy unravel and begin flowing again throughout my body.

Jessica has such a beautiful, therapeutic energy and the whole process was calming and relaxing. It’s hard to put into words how I felt after our sessions, however the best way to describe it is different. I felt lighter, lifted and more in touch with my intuition. I felt clear, grounded and free of anxiety and stress. After my sessions with Jessica I did feel a deeper clarity in my vision and life purpose. Jessica is loving, nurturing and fully dedicated to helping others uncover their true magic. Trust me, working with her is magical.”

Amanda Weil – Confidence Stylist

Receiving Harmonyum from Jessica has become the most important self-care routine I do for myself to help me stay balanced, mentally and physically. As a life coach supporting others it’s very important for me to have a self-care ritual that helps me stay grounded so I can be there to support my clients. Within the first couple of sessions with Jessica I was addicted and knew I had found the perfect healing treatment. Jessica has created a beautiful, safe and peaceful environment perfect for unplugging for an hour to relax and heal your mind and body. After my sessions with Jessica I feel relaxed, positive and have better focus. I feel more energized and at peace the day to day pressure of being busy become more neutral and I feel I can manage the day without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. I find if I stick to a weekly schedule for the treatments I have the most success. My emotions are in check and I feel grounded. Jessica is professional, kind and very skilled, she connects with me and genuinely cares about how I am feeling before and after my sessions. She even follows up with me a couple of days later to check in with me. I feel completely supported. I highly recommend working with Jessica to receive Harmonyum especially if you are needing to heal from any emotional or physical trauma or injury, if you are looking find clarity in, have better focus and true balance with mind body and spirit”

Teresa Coltrin – Life Coach

“As Jessica told me, Harmonyum is a necessary therapy, not a luxury. It’s an amazing experience, anyone who tries it will love it and find they can’t live without it. It’s that simple.”

Matthew Saks – Municipal Bonds Investor

“The 10 hour flight across the Atlantic to visit family  is always my worst dread as I  know I have to face the nightmare of jet-lag for at least a week. Just 2 sessions of Harmonyum  with Jessica, after arriving in Los Angeles on my most recent trip from London, took care of that worry. I have never slept so deeply  for so long – ever, and I have been making this trip for the past 10 years.  This has been my first experience of Harmonyum and  I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Anne Clayton – University Lecturer

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